From the perspective of Ayurveda proper care and nourishment of the body, mind, and spirit is necessary for one to be truly healthy and happy.  

On a practical level Ayurveda offers simple yet effective techniques for balancing daily responsibilities while managing stress, eating healthy, and having more energy.

What to Expect

Your Ayurveda session includes an inquiry (questionnaire and conversation) into your daily routines around diet, exercise, and lifestyle as well as your current health-related concerns. This information indicates your  "constitution" and the nature of your current imbalance. Changes to your daily routines will be suggested to support moving toward greater health. The suggestions are typically simple techniques to begin cultivating a habit of self-care, and with time adjusted as your self awareness increases and capacity builds.

Ayurveda is about cultivating self-observation and building capacity to take responsibility for your own health. (This does not mean there is not place for professional medical expertise.) Making changes toward greater balance takes time and continued dedication. You are cultivating a practice of self-care. This can be challenging, yet also empowering. My goal is to facilitate a process of discovering what health means for you and how you can bring it into your life in lasting and enduring way.

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“What I find so refreshing about the Ayurvedic approach to health is the lack of judgment. There is no identifying what is “good or bad” for me, thus leading to my feeling “good or bad” about myself. It’s about finding balance, and – when life happens - having the tools to bring balance back into my whole being through the right kind of exercise, a proper seasonal diet, and stress management.”
— Alison Brant







Ayur = “life”  Veda = “study of”

Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences based in an ancient body of knowledge known as the Vedas. Well before modern science validated the mind-body connection, Ayurveda has provided a complete understanding of the how the body and mind work together. Not only does Ayurveda offer ways to treat illness, but it also provides tools for living each day in balance, thus lessening the opportunities for illness to take hold in the body. 


In Ayurveda each person has a unique constitution that indicates gifts as well as challenges. For example, "Ruby" has a constitution made up primarily of fire. She has a strong intellect, a sharp wit, and can achieve just about any goal she sets for herself, be it in business or athletics. She loves spicy food yet suffers from acid indigestion.  Our “fire-y” friend tends toward anger and irritability under stress. And while her sharp mind is an asset most times, it can lead to criticism and judgment of others and herself.

Ruby would find balance by cooling and softening her fire-y nature. This can be done by spending time outside, choosing non-competitive exercise, and eating plenty of hydrating and cooling foods.

Ruby is a fictitious person demonstrating a simplified Ayurveda constitution, yet she illustrates how our strengths and innate abilities can become our challenges as well.

Knowing your unique constitutional profile gives you the opportunity to create a healthy, balanced, and joyful life - day to day and season to season.