I have been teaching yoga to groups and individuals ranging from college athletes to octogenarians since 2007. As a Yoga Therapy practitioner I have worked with individuals dealing with a range of issues, from cancer diagnoses to recovering from childhood trauma. As a Physical Therapist Assistant I've worked with individuals rehabilitating from a wide range of conditions- from joint replacements to recovering from stroke, to managing diabetes. This experience gave me a window into lifestyle choices and the condition of ones overall health.   

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My own path to Yoga and wholistic approaches to health began over 20 years ago in my very first Yoga class in the small Colorado mountain town at a local gym. An unexpectedly profound experience opened doors to discovering my own sense of self. The greatest gift Yoga gave to me in those early days of my practice was trust in my body. While my mind chatters away, knowledge gained through experience is held in the tissues of my body. When I learned to quiet my mind and listen, deep awareness and insight became accessible and the process of growth and change on many levels began.

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My desire to create WholeSelf WellCare is motivated from a sense of responsibility to contribute to the healing of our shared planet. Creating a safe, healthy and thriving home begins with the individual. By creating a safe, healthy and thriving body within ourselves, we can create the same within our families, our communities and in the world at large.